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Three extreme situations that are actually the same.

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original title: Voice Over

genge: Short,Action,Drama,Thriller


imdb: 6.9

duration: 10min


budget: €140,000

keywords: anxiety, spacecapsule, fishingboat, aliencreature, oxygendeprivation, detonator, drowning, endurance, stress, alienplanet, boyandgirl, pool, kiss, children, foxhole, soldier, fisherman, sunkenboat, ro

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Three extreme situations that are actually the same. let me start off by saying, this is by far one of the best short films I have ever seen! It takes you on a full emotional journey and captured me in a way most short stories couldn't dream of doing. if you have 10 minutes, don't waste anymore time. Go see this beautiful piece of art NOW! :) You'll thank me later.

to the reviewers saying it's not as smart as it thinks it is.... you missed the whole point of the beautiful story and narration. it is a grand tale to tell the story of the simplest thing. I appreciated the simplicity and subtlety of the final shot and the way it ends. and i do agree with all the reviews that the editing, cinematography and narration is unbelievable! A short film linking three separate story lines . I was reminded somewhat of Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN a film I didn't like though it was beautiful to look at from a technical viewpoint . VOICE OVER is also another beautiful looking and I wonder how much it cost . Almost certainly one of the more expensive shorts I've watched recently with the underwater scenes in particular stand out . Very good cinematography and very good editing and for the most part my attention was gripped as the three separate stories were intercut with one another . The problem lies in the ending . It's at this point I suppose the audience are gasping " Sacre bleu " and so was I - except not in a complimentary admiring way . It's good for the most part and some people will enjoy the feel good factor to it but seems very much like a cop out of sorts which is a pity


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